My name is Thomas Harris. I am a Chicago based
Critical Support Engineer.

Critical Support t Experience





I have always been a problem solver. I am the kind of person who likes to dig deep into a problem and understand the root. This skill was quickly noticed one I joined AT&T. While the LADT was a trial project I was the person who knew the most about the big system and could take the customer tickets and get them to the right place. I quickly took ownership of the CMS system in order to improve the ability to get tickets moved to the right place. I added drop down menus for the categories and forms for each area/category combination that asked for the pertinent information. In OSPS I quickly became the expert in the dynamic data system and diagrammed the connectivity which allowed developers to make correct decision about designing data usage the first time. I was added very early to the ROP Analysis Team. The initial ROP output from the transition from TSPS to OSPS was daunting. Much of this was due to faulty network data that TSPS did not react to but OSPS did. It was my task to sort though the messages and find the critical ones. When I first joined the team the team leader brought in a stack of ROP from the first run that was 6 feet high and mentioned that this was only 25% of the actual output the rest was lost to printer overload. In two years we had reduced that to about a foot of ROP and designed processes for helping the customers to reduce their data base errors. I invented the "ROP-o-Matic" tool that sorted all events related to a single error into one file for easier analysis. One SPP for example could cause audits, asserts and call completion issues that would ruin a stability run, but really be one minor coding error. Knowing this allowed management to make clear decisions and reports up the food chain. In 1X-RNC I was hired as a critical support engineer. I did have to learn the system from the ground up, but quickly became the script guy. I developed a web page of scripts and tips that lasted for the life of the project. I enjoyed travel with this job and enjoyed visiting the customer sites. I was also the expert at protocol analysis using WireShark and like tools. My Customer support skills have increase with my assignment at TCS as desktop support and software deployment manager, DeVry and Production Support Manager and with Sullivan and Cogliano as an IT Tech Contractor