My name is Thomas Harris. I am a Chicago based
Software Engineer.

Software Experience





After completing my Associates at Parkland College (trained in Cobol, RPG and IBM Assembler) I was hired by AT&T Bell Labs to work on a forward looking project bringing computer networking into the home i.e. one of the first commercial internet projects called LADT (Local Area Data Transport). My initial assignments were Traffic, Billing, Audits and Internal Communications. I learned C and PHP Assembler here. This was a great project since the vast majority of the workforce had been hired out of school at the same time this let us grow together and led to great sharing and comradeship. I grew with this project taking on numerous other subsystems, the change management system and System Test.

After four years I was transferred to the OSPS (Operator Systems Position System) department where I was again assigned to work audits. I quickly mastered the needs of audits and developed a dynamic data base map that was used for many years by developers to design and build code. I also became involved in the RAT (ROP analysis team) and developed a suite of tools to effective interpret the error messages and show the true root of a problem. Often one error would have side effects that could mask the initial error and by sorting and organizing the output by message the true issue could be seen. The team effort had the effect of reducing ROP output by 75%. I had key roles in crucial OSPS projects including COIN, Interflow and SURF. I also played a key role in a number of projects including the MECH project which saved AT&T $5 million a year. By the time I left coding for project management I was the owner of all most all of the OSPS interfaces to other subsystems. I was also very active in process design and help document the coding and testing processes for ISO 2001.

Along with my coding assignments I was working on my Masters in Computer Science at IIT. As one of my assignments I developed an early version of concurrent C and got a high pass on my Masters exam. My Masters project was selected to be used by IIT. I also have done coding in my private life at one point becoming owner of the program used by the Naperville Park District swimming program.