My name is Thomas Harris. I am a Chicago based
Project Manager and Software Developer.

Unabridged Resume




Thomas M. Harris

Naperville, IL

H: 630.369.0840

C: 630.699.2817



Adaptable information technology professional with extensive experience as a high volume, on time project manager and a zealous software developer.  Have an in depth understanding of many systems, languages and architectures and love to train others on them.  A highly skilled facilitator that eliminates roadblocks gives expert advice and keeps projects moving.  Keeps a positive attitude.  A good team player, mentor and facilitator.  Often rewarded for overall performance.  My strengths include coordinating projects, oral and written skills and developing/delivering code, tools and reports on time.  Works well on international teams. Willing to travel.



·         Lead Engineer for Convergent Solutions Theory of Constraints initiative.  Project showed a 5% productivity increase in an over one billion dollar division (about a $52,000,000 increase).

·         Consolidated 5 special features development/deployment streams into one streamlined system that could be managed by 2 Project Managers.  This reduced staff, improved on time delivery, and increased customer satisfaction. 

·         Developed MECH OSPS feature that eliminated operator wait times and saved AT&T $5,000,000 year.

·         Managed defects and reduced defects by 80% for CRM system.

·         Analysis of TCS Education System Cell phone bill saved company $3000 month.



CERTIFICATIONS: ITILv3, TOC-CC PjM, FDP Facilitator, ARRL Technician, First Aid, CPR/AED 

PROG LANGUAGES: C/C++/C#, Unix Shell, Visual Basic, PERL, Cold Fusion, HTML, JAVA, Cobol, RPG, Assembler, Modula 2 

SYSTEMS/PROTOCOLS:  Unix, DOS, Windows - 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8,VxWorks, ATM, TCP/IP, 5ESS, MSC, CDMA, 1xRNC, OSPS, X.25 

TOOLS:  Sharepoint, Salesforce, Banner, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint,  Outlook, FrontPage,  Publisher, Project ), KBox 1000, 2000, Speed to Market Concerto, Prochain, Microsoft Net Meeting, SQL, Oracle, Etherpeek/Wireshark/Ethereal. 

TRAINING COMPLETED: PMP, Lean Six Sigma GB, PQMI, CMMI, ISO 9001, CCNA (with Voice and Security modules), Agile



SULLIVAN AND COGLIANO INC                                                                                                                                  


IT Contractor

·         BMO Harris Worked on the site server relocation program. Replacing old servers and debugging as needed. Destroyed hard drives and well.

·         DUPAGE MEDICAL GROUP.  Worked on the encryption project which was needed to protect DMG from HIPPA violations if any of their computers were stolen. Performed Windows 7 upgrades. Installed or coordinated installation of necessary software.

·         DUPAGE MEDICAL GROUP Transferred to daily ops team and handled day to day needs of the companies technology.



DEVRY INC                                                                                                                                  


Technical Project Manager

·         PRODUCTION SUPPORT Handled production support for the Delta project.    Transitioned completed phases of development into normal support.  Delta was a replacement for the various student systems CRM, Portal, AR and Academics and was primarily worked on by contract employees.

·         SERVICE RESTORATION.  Rewrote process and melded it to other processes such as incident and problem.

·         PROCESS DESIGN Designed defect process and then moved the process from Salesforce Requirements Tracker to Remedy.  Reduced defects from 50 to less than 10 in 3 months and maintained average under 10 for almost two years.

·         DEFECT CONTROL Developed and managed the process for major outages.   Developed training materials for rest of IT.



TCS Education System                                                                                                                           


Software Support Manager

·         MANAGER:  Managed Software and Equipment deployment.   Controlled team that prepared, delivered and setup all equipment for users.  Managed repair, replacement and upgrades of all user equipment.   Tracked inventory and made sure items were ordered

·         ACCOUNT MANAGER: Managed cellular accounts (AT&T and Verizon).   Ordered phones and equipment, tracked minutes pool, and prepped equipment for users.

·         SOFTWARE IMAGER: Used Dell Kace KBox to image systems and deploy software.

·         PLANNER: Helped plan Microsoft Office 2010 deployment.

·        PURCHASER: Responsible for purchase of IT supplies needed for the system.



ALCATEL-LUCENT (formerly Lucent Technologies), Lisle, IL                                

2004– 2008

Critical Support / Member Technical Staff

·         Wireless Data Support: Performed 24/7 technical support of the hardware and software on wireless data network products (CDMA, 1xRNC, MSC, Cisco, 5ESS, BTS).  Coordinated customer issues. Analyzed log, data stream to pinpoint problem and turn them around in the shortest time possible.  Frequently visited customer sites for hands on operation

·         System Tester: Proactively supported the System Testing lab to insure quality of the product delivered to the customer. Made sure First Office Application and other internal teams had the support they needed. 

·         Trainer:  Developed training for Critical Support team on new features, new tools, and overall system.

·         Change Control Management: Managed Change Requests for the group in the CCMS (ClearCase) system and Action Requests in the Remedy user tool.  Served as Remedy administrator. Wrote, tested, packaged and deployed emergency fixes allowing faster turnaround to customer.

·        AFFIRMATIVE ACTION:  Served as Group Representative to the Department Affirmative Action Committee and was tapped to be next committee chair.



PRIMERICA FINACIAL SERVICES, St. Charles, IL                                                                     


Representative/District Manager

·          Team Leader:  Recruiting and training manager. 

·         FINANCIAL LICENCES:   Life License and Series 6, 26 & 63 Securities License.  Loan certified.  .  

·         MANAGER: Supervised a team of 5-7 part time representatives.


LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES (formerly AT&T Bell Labs), Naperville, IL                                                                                            

1998 - 2001

Lead Engineer in the Switching Systems Theory of Constraints Critical Chain (CC) Initiative 

Member Technical Staff  (

·         Lead Engineer: Served as member of a team selected to deploy a Theory of Constraints Critical Chain-based approach to manage Convergence Solutions projects.  This involved a significant change to the production environment for over 3000 Leaders, Managers and Key Personnel without disrupting the flow or product.   In first year project demonstrated a 5% improvement in productivity which equated to about $25M.

·         Supplier Management: Provided support and supplier interface for the Concerto Project Management Product.  Coordinated testing and verification for Concerto Releases.  Wrote difference presentations for each release to train users on new/changed features.  Acted as backup system administrator for installations and product upgrades.

·         Report Development: Developed project management, department and executive reports used to manage all 5ESS and 7R/E projects  Helped move manually generated reports into web applications using Oracle, SQL, Java,,  Perl and Cold Fusion.

·         Consultant: Helped evaluate Prochain tool vs. Concerto tool for best match to Lucent's needs.

·         Trainer: Developed and led Concerto training initiative that taught all project, technical and department managers to use Concerto tool.  Taught and helped develop Theory of Constraints introductory class.

·         Prototyping: Did initial network prototyping to convert Lucent to Theory of Constraints-based paradigm.

·         Affirmativie Action: to Department and Laboratory Diversity Committees to help improve diversity in the workplace.

·         Awards and Certifications:  Received CC project management certification at the Goldrat Institute. Was awarded two Silver, a Gold and a Platinum award for contributions to the CC effort in 2000.  As a lead member of the team was involved as a reviewer or consultant in all aspects of the deployment of the change, and especially active in determining the needs of the development community.



LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES (formerly AT&T Bell Labs), Naperville, IL                                                                                            

1997- 1998

Program Manager 5ESS Project Management Process

Member Technical Staff  (1997 - 1998)

·         Process Owner: Oversaw all project management initiatives, acted as representative to non-project management initiatives, coordinated initiatives to prevent duplication or conflict, negotiated tool changes, and taught employees.

·         Continuous Improvement: Led all project management improvement initiatives and represented project management at all global system initiatives.

·         Process Certification Expert:  Insured 5ESS maintained ISO9001 and other certifications.

·         Report Developer: Wrote query tools on Project Management DB using Ingress and SQL for division metrics reports.  Added metrics to executive dashboard.

·         Trainer: Implemented and delivered training course for new project managers.   Instructed project managers and developers on new tools deployment.


LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES (formerly AT&T Bell Labs), Naperville, IL                                                                                            

1994 - 1997

Project Manager NAR Special Features

Member Technical Staff (1994-1997)

·         Project Manager:  Managed all the features using the software update stream to deploy to the customer.   With a partner managed  about $50M worth of features per year. 

·         Process Engineer:  Consolidated management of all software update features into pipelined project management process (OSPS, Special Features, RTR and Customer Interface).  Insured smooth running of the pipeline based on system capacity.

·         Release Manager:  Managed Alternate releases and about 200 technical headcount years worth of work through the software update system, including assuring that no customer who retrofitted would lose a feature.   Represented Project Management community at Product Management meetings assuring appropriate scheduling and budgeting of features. 

·         Affirmiative Action:  Appointed to Department Diversity Committee to help improve diversity in the workplace.


AT&T Bell Labs, , Naperville, IL                                                                                            

1991 - 1993

Project Manager OSPS Features

Member Technical Staff  (1991 - 1993)

·         Project Manager:  Tracked all OSPS feature work and interfaced with other project management organizations inside AT&T.  Managed 5ESS Toll Deliveries which were crucial to the AT&T long distance network and government business.

·         Process Engineer:  Developed tracking system using Unity DB tool to track OSPS and 5ESS Toll Releases.  Produced reports to support decision making process.

·         Release Coordinator:  Coordinated OSPS deliveries with NAR deliveries.  Worked overbooking issues with product management, customer and AT&T development.  Managed lab upgrades (hardware and software) for new generics and test runs.

·         Trainer:  Trained new Project Managers on current process and interfaces to other organizations.

·         Process Developer:  Helped document Project Management, Software Update, and Product Verification processes.

·         Facilitator:  Facilitated several PQMI efforts including the merging of software update feature management.


AT&T Bell Labs, Naperville, IL                                                                                            

1986 - 1991

OSPS Feature Development

Member Technical Staff  (1986 - 1991) -Senior Technical Associate  (1985 - 1986)

·         Software Developer:  Developed and tested features for the Operator Systems Position System (OSPS).  Developed Audits, Asserts, Traffic, System Initialization, Feature Control, Dynamic Data design and OSPS features.  Did software maintenance.  Used Visio tools to map dynamic data structures to illustrate designs.

·         Performance Analysis:  Served as member of the ROP (output) analysis team.  Developed UNIX shell tools to improve understanding of sources of ROP printouts.  Actively sought out issues across the entire system that affected OSPS to improve product quality.

·         Product Stability:  Served as member of the Stability Run team.  Helped set up and analyze weekly stability runs to insure quality metrics could be met.  Assured that metrics (including call completions, audits, asserts, SPPs, Initializations, and real time usage) met AT&T’s commitments to  the customer.  Provided system administration for setup and running of Stability Runs including upgrading system, hardware maintenance, system tuning, and tape backup.  Wrote and executed test plans and presented results at status meetings.

·         Software Integration:  Acted as backup OSPS load builder.


AT&T Bell Labs, , Naperville, IL                                                                                            

1981 - 1985

LADT/1PSS Feature Development and Testing

Senior Technical Associate 

·         Software Developer:  Developed and tested features for the Local Area Data Transport and 1 Packet Switching System Products. Worked as part of team attempting to deploy a national data service network Local Area Data Transport.  System featured e-commerce, games, and database search access to customers.  System had two-way access to allow vendors to offer services to customers such as meter reading.  Developed administrative (billing, traffic, audits) and communications (RICH, LAPB and LAPC) code for statistical multiplexing packet switch unit using the X.25 communications protocol.  

·         Integration Software Developer:  Owned the Change Management Software system for 1PSS.   Project managed updates and deployment.

·         Tool Development:  Developed tools to help development processes using UNIX shell and UNITY database tool.    Rewrote CMS change management tool to improve usability and efficiency.

·         System Tester:  Also did system testing, software maintenance, software change control, load building, memory mapping, and lab coordination.   Served as project manager for small projects.



·         Acheological Field Work

o        Surveyor

o        Lake Shelbyville EIS

o        IL 53 Extension EIS

o        Map-Maker

o        Lake Shelbyville EIS

o        Excavator

o        Lake Shelbyville EIS

o        Middle Fork Project

o        Joseph Naper Homestead

·         Board and Miniature Game Playtester and Developer (GDW, Old Glory and Test of Battle), Convention Coordinator

o        Simulation

o        Testing

o        Research and Development

o        Large event planning

·         Certified State of Illinois Community Emergency Response Team Trainer, Member Naperville Emergency Management Agency, Director Citizens Corps Council of Naperville, member IESMA

o        Leadership

o        Training

o        Emergency Response

o        Weather Monitoring

·         Associate Director Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation

o        Leadership

o        Community Service

o        Local Government

·         Volunteer Community Career Center (teaching LinkedIn and MS Office)

o        Training

o        Volunteering 



MS, Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL

AAS, Business Data Processing, Parkland College, Champaign, IL

BA, Anthropology (Archeology) University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, IL



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